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6 July, 2012 - 12:05

Dalam event penghargaan Indonesia Property & Bank Award 2012 (IPBA 2012) yang berlangsung Kamis lalu (5/7) di Hotel Mulia, Tangcity Superblock berhasil meraih penghargaan sebagai “The First...


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In this incredibly fast-moving market and innovation era, we are continuously looking for new advanced products and services to deliver the best-off breed solutions to our customers.  We are eager to gather any information on new products inventions or technologies that may be applicable to our company and opened to establish a long term cooperative relationship with dedicated and innovative suppliers around the world.
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Contractor Team :

Company Name
PT. Pembangunan Perumahan (PP) : Structural & Architectural
PT. Indonesia Pondasi Raya : Piling


Consultant Team

Company Name
PT. Aramsa Infrayasa    : Infrastructure
PT. Dedato Design Indonesia    : Signage & environment Graphic
DVA Studio    : 3D Animation
PT. Georeka Indonesia    : Seismic Study
PT. Gistama Intisemesta    : Structure
Jones Lang LaSalle : Market and Feasibility Study
PT. Litac : Lighting
PT. Metakom Pranata : Mechanical Engineering
PT. Securindo Packatama Indonesa : Parking Management
PT. Sujanji Citra Karya    : Environment Impact Analysis
PT. Quanta QS Costindo    : Quantity Surveyor
CV. Wahana Trans Utama    : Traffic