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10 Keys Solution


We provide fully-integrated property advice and services to both landlords and investors in this diverse market.  Our service includes concept development and design consultancy, marketing and leasing, project supervision, ongoing property management, as well as investment advisory.

1.   Highest & Best Land Use

Our company has more than 10 years of experience in determining and forecasting the highest and best use [HBU] of a selected vacant land with proven record in PGC and SGC as the most crowded trade centre with the highest visitors’ traffic in Jakarta and Cikarang, respectively.

We realize the importance of HBU analysis to identify the most valuable and competitive use of land and property in order to capitalize the land and property value. Land and/or its improvement is valued on the basis of its highest and best use, which is defined as legally permissible, physically possible, financially feasible, and optimally productive.

2.   Sustainable Master Planning

We develop a vacant land which requires an array of skills in preparing and implementing a master plan, negotiating zoning and government approvals, as well as providing utilities, road, and other infrastructures. Our master plan describes an overall development concept of the desired land area to identify present and future needs, and yet to ensure that environmental, social, and economic issues are looked at.

We realize that it is important to engage all parties in developing a common vision of how they want their community and surrounding area to evolve over time and where new development should be encouraged.  The success of this process depends on discovering shared values and recognizing how the parts of a neighborhood, a city, or a region relate to one another and contribute to its overall vitality.

3.   Smart and Innovative Architecture

We believe in the connection between great building, great urban areas, and great returns.  Our architecture looks simultaneously at inside functional aspects and how they might relate to the site conditions such as topography, soil types, drainage, sun, wind, view, orientation, public infrastructure available to the site, accessibility of the site, and other land improvements.  

Good architecture is the result of the interaction of many physical factors; but in the design and construction process it’s the personal interactions that really count.  Our design team shares a passion for designing buildings that will stand the test of time and achieve as much energy efficiency and sustainability as possible. 


4.   Comprehensive & Detailed Design

We develop a concept design into a fully defined product, which concerns with details of the products [material, components, dimension, and finishes], detailed drawings, technical and material specifications, subsystem structure, health and safety function, costs calculations, manuals, and appropriate documentation.

Success of this process requires early and active participation from designers, consultants, engineers, and contractors as part of the team on major developments. We have proven that our innovative and high quality design meet the increasing customer demands.

5.   Construction Management

Our construction management offers a discipline and management system created specifically to promote the successful execution of capital projects for owners.  Supported by team of building professionals, we manage the planning, design, construction, engineering, and post-construction phases for the purpose of achieving project objective, which is to deliver the project as scheduled, within budget, and with satisfaction quality.

We understand that comprehensive management on every stage of the project, from the original concept to project definition, will yield the greatest possible benefit for the owners.

6. Strategic Marketing Plan

We always embrace innovation and creativity in our marketing objectives and planning to anticipate the dynamic global environment. Our practice gains competitive advantage by identifying the needs and wants of well-defined target market, developing a good product, promoting effectively, pricing it attractively to match the value perceptions of  our target customers, and doing a superior job of delivering the desired satisfaction.

We provide a strategic marketing plan to attract new customers by promising superior value and to keep current customers by delivering satisfaction at a profit.  Our ultimate aim is to delight customers by promising only what we can deliver and, if possible, delivering more than we promise.

7.  Cost-Effective Promotion Strategy

We learn that careful integrated marketing communications can pay big dividends. Our main promotion tools - advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, personal selling, and public relations – work together to achieve our communication objectives through an effective detailed planning.

Customer insight is the most important thing in preparing an effective promotional strategy. So, firstly we identify the target audience and its characteristics.  Next, we  define the response sought, whether it be awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, or purchase.  Then a message should be constructed with an effective content, structure, and format.  Media must be selected, both for personal and non-personal communication.  The message must be delivered by a credible source – someone who is an expert and who is trustworthy and likeable.  Ideally, the message should get Attention, hold Interest, arouse Desire, obtain Action, and generate Satisfaction.  Finally, we  evaluate and collect feedback by watching how much of the market becomes aware, tries the product, and is satisfied in the process.

8.  Professional Sales Force

Continual support and loyalty from our talented sales professional is one of the major strength in this company.  We consistently recruit and select well-trained sales professionals who canvass more potential customers, develop engaged customers, and retain high sales performance.  We have the resources and experience to set the right business expectations and improve our sales’ performance by developing better leaders and more productive employees.

Supported by our strategic promotion team, all sales team are actively conducting business gatherings and road show to shopping centers in Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, and other major cities.  Each of our sales professional is responsible to productively search and identify their prospective customers, develop a database record, arrange phone calls and meeting follow-up, explore their customer needs and propose a solution, close the deal, and turn to cheerleader when others deliver.

9.  Tenant Mix Management

With our proven track record in managing thousands tenants, we recognize the importance of providing wide choices of tenant variety and grouping them into a synergized tenant mix that will enhance shoppers’ experience and excitement.  The right tenant mix have purpose of persuading shoppers to stay longer, which may eventually increase their level of spending and intention to return in the future.

We create an optimum combination of tenants that will maximize the center’s turnover and retailer’s profit, and therefore total net rentals.  Eventually, when potential tenants see a great location for occupancy in a mix with other compatible tenants, then leasing becomes a lot easier. We believe, a good tenant mix will create a specific image for the retail center and position it in relation to competing centers.

10.  Property Management

Managing the property at retail centers encompasses much more than just getting tenants to sign leases and collecting rents.  Educating shop owners, keeping the property in good working order, promoting the center, supervising administrative and maintenance staffs, preparing operational budget and insurance program, are all integral components of property management.  Our goal in this practice is to maximize the desired return from the investment throughout the life of the property.

We have good understanding of tenancy mix and opportunities to increase the value of a retail centre and that inevitably means working closely with and assisting retailers, performing market research, implementing merchandising strategy, and managing operational issues. Our company has successfully managing 2 retail centers, PGC and SGC, with proven record as the most visited center in Jakarta and Cikarang, respectively.